The proposals for the theme: "Leaving school early: Causes, consequences and preventive policies" should aim:

  • To identify the characteristics/ specifications of students at risk of leaving school early and to determinate proximal causes;
  • To present the best practices and policies of prevention and intervention to fight against early school leaving;
  • To compare international policies that effectively address early school leaving;
  • To measure and evaluate the impact of early school leaving on the sustainable development of a community, region or country;
  • To exchange information about effective national and international practices in the fight against early school leaving;
  • To identify and evaluate the conditions for successful implementation of policies that enable children from poor, disadvantaged and/or marginalized communities to complete school.

Communications from various multidisciplinary fields can be proposed according to the following axes of intervention:

Axis 1. Reasons for early school leaving and identification of learners at risk of stopping out

Axis 2. Teacher and educator training practices related to reducing early school leaving

Axis 3. Prevention and intervention policies to combat early school leaving

Axis 4. Role of civil society in ensuring children complete a full cycle of primary and secondary education

Axis 5. Sustainable development and school, educational and territorial inequalities

Axis 6. Conditions for implementing policies to prevent early school leaving

Axis 7: Integration of NICTs to fight against early school leaving

Axis 8: Theoretical approaches in relation to early leaving school and school dropout

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