The proposals for the theme: "Human Capital and Developement" should aim:

- To emphasize the importance of human resource development in improving the quality of institutions especially in the education and training, as well as on how to improve Developement in all areas of life.

This Issue will focusing on the following points:

  • Effective models of initial teacher training;
  • Effective training models of responsible leaders to manage the education and training institutions;
  • Best practices in the field of training of respioonsables for evaluating education and training systems;
  • The role of universities in the initial training of personnel of education and training;
  • The characteristics of the teacher of tomorrow;
  • Learning approaches on request in the context of perpetual turmoil faced by institutions of education and training;
  • The characteristics of the trainers and the foundations of the curriculum of lifelong learning;
  • The role of distance learning in facilitating professional development;
  • The mechanisms for the implementation of self-learning as leverage for lifelong learning;
  • The means and methods of motivation for of lifelong learning;
  • The evaluation procedures and mechanisms of the professional performance of the education and training staff;
  • The exploitation of the evaluation results of the professional performance to plan the development of human resources;
  • The relationship between HRD and improving institutional performance;
  • The mechanisms for evaluating the effectiveness of professional development programs;
  • Evaluation Mechanisms of the initial training policy of education and training staff;
  • The role of human capital in the maintenance and improvement of cognitive assets of the institutions in order to make learning organizations;
  • Institutional management based on knowledge improvement;
  • Cognitive-fertilization between institutions through staff mobility;
  • The role of cognitive networks in improving the performance of institutions;
  • The importance of professional practice networks in HRD.

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