Applying the Bologna Principles in an Information Science Course

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Jadranka Lasic-Lazic
Marija László
Banek Zorica


The paper deals with a pilot evaluation of comprehensive reading skills of 30 students studying information science at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. After having read a freely chosen article from information science journals, the participants were interviewed using a questionnaire in written form. The answers were examined by researchers, classified and evaluated with the respect to the degree of the students' comprehension of the articles. It has been found that their understanding is incomplete, and therefore attention should be devoted to teaching an introductory course on how to make use of reading material in order to accomplish a fuller understanding of scientific articles.

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Lasic-Lazic, J., László, M., & Zorica, B. (2011). Applying the Bologna Principles in an Information Science Course. The Journal of Quality in Education, 2(2), 12.


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