Modeling of research project management via the process approach

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Mohamed Amine M'BARKI
Hajar Chekiri


This article relates an experiment carried out, within the framework of UFR Management of organizations, for the formalization of research at the level of Industrial Management DESA and this by proposing a model model piloted via the process approach.
Admittedly, scientific research can today only be associated with quality. The latter is translated, in our model, into a well-described and carefully evaluated process. The choice of the quality approach as the framework for steering research emanates from a good spirit of innovation and creativity, and our mapping shows this.
We have tried to associate a documentary system with this process approach, with the aim of ensuring traceability and capitalizing on know-how that is now interesting.
Measurement was also one of the things we looked at. Convinced of the importance of continuous improvement, quality and management indicators served as the basis for our measurement system.
Simple in its design and rich in its contributions, this model reinforces this bridge between theoretical questions and practical aspects of research and offers a unified working environment.

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M’BARKI, M. A., & Chekiri, H. (2015). Modeling of research project management via the process approach. The Journal of Quality in Education, 5(6BIS), 22.


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