Human Prospective of Higher Education Understanding the mutation to act

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Roger Nifle


The “knowledge society” is an effect of “foresight to the rear view mirror”. The mutation should initially be understood as the passage of a logic of “adaptive conformation”, with a logic “of responsible autonomisation”. It will be henceforth stake and method.

The integration of the three shutters axiologic, epistemological and praxeologic around the “common sense” and of empowerment or responsible autonomisation is an answer to the questions of the congress. For that it is necessary to exceed “the rational intelligence”, to reach the “ symbolic intelligence” or intelligence of Sense. The mutation is an entry in an age of Sense, that of the communities of Sense and projects, that of worlds and virtual realities. Three radical axes of change:

- the responsible autonomisation like finality, capacity and method of teaching

- the creation of virtual places of teaching and of formation with the macropedagogic cities.

- a transdisciplinarity based on `symbolic intelligence” or intelligence of Sense.

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