Towards a new pedagogical model Communicative techno-pedagogy

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Abderrahim LIH


Several educational models have been developed throughout history. Initially, the effort is made to transmit knowledge by any possible means. The emphasis on the relationship between teacher and learner gave birth to humanist pedagogy while the emphasis on the organization of learning gave rise to project pedagogy and differentiated pedagogy. The insistence on the importance of the learning environment and the tools used has led to what can be called pedagogy focused on learning space and experimentation. The resolution of the problems was at the origin of the pedagogy of the scenario. Focusing attention on the learner, knowing their needs and experience and stimulating their reasoning in different contexts has given rise to cognitive education.

However, these models can be grouped into three main streams: behaviorism, constructivism and socio-constructivism. They try to explain the learning process and emphasize the appropriate approaches and methods to ensure its performance.

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