Continuous training of directors as a managerial tool for introducing change in school management

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Improving school management has become a necessity in education systems, given the constraints of current changes. This is why the development of the role of the director is placed as a priority, and this is how we are currently focusing on his continuing education.

We seek to ensure that this training contributes to involving the heads of educational establishments in the process of change, and to ensuring a real transition among these actors, so that they voluntarily and effectively engage in innovation in the management of their schools.

Moroccan experience shows that following continuous reform processes, decision-makers have become aware of the need to move in a managerial direction, and to consider innovation in school management and the role of the director, as a point of departure to arrive at a performance of the system.

Among the tools used to achieve these objectives, continuing education for managers came first.

However, the study of the field shows that this training, as conceived and delivered, could not ensure the total commitment of the heads of the educational establishments in the introduction of the desired change.

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ELOMARI, K. (2017). Continuous training of directors as a managerial tool for introducing change in school management. The Journal of Quality in Education, 7(10), 8.


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