The adoption of the competence-based approach by teachers

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The competency-based approach “APC” is considered one of the most appropriate pedagogical approaches for effective learning. However, although it is increasingly recommended by the Moroccan educational system, we realize a reticence of its application.

The purpose of this research is to approach the representation of teachers about the “APC” in order to assess the level of its implementation in the Moroccan educational system.

Thus, we elaborated a questionnaire. The collection of information by means of this questionnaire was conducted among 300 secondary school teachers performing in the Regional Academy of Education and Training AREF Fes-Boulemane and the number of responses received is only 115.

The data obtained show a significant rate of application of this approach in several educational institutions. The reasons for not adopting this approach by some teachers can be categorized into several ranks: working conditions, lack of training (initial and continuous), socio-cultural conditions.

The success of education depends heavily on the development of human resources education and training, which begins with an advanced initial training in teachers training centers, continues through self-study and is followed by continuous training.

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ARBIA, A., KADDARI, F., & ELACHQAR, A. (2019). The adoption of the competence-based approach by teachers. The Journal of Quality in Education, 9(13), 11.


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