Higher Education Quality Assurance System in Latvia

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As the important part of European integration there is a goal till the year 2010 to create the unite higher education area, which means:  considering the needs of  European labour market in designing and improving study programs; encouraging the students and staff mobility within the unite higher education area; unification of the systems of evaluation of students' knowledge and skills acquired; increasing the competitiveness of the European universities; unification and implementation of criteria for quality evaluation  of universities and study programs in Europe.

The Bologna declaration has started a new stage in the development of the higher education area. There has to be a unite responsibility for disseminating the idea of Bologna declaration and encouraging it's implementation in practise in each country which joined the declaration. The European enlargement encourages discussions and shares information among ministries, universities and society about the further ways of improving the quality efficiency and social responsibility of Universities in reaching the goals of the European Union.

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VOLKOVA, T., & LANCMANE, L. (2019). Higher Education Quality Assurance System in Latvia. The Journal of Quality in Education, 9(14), 12. https://doi.org/10.37870/joqie.v9i14.194


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