The Educational Needs of the Social Sciences High School teachers

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Gholam reza AHMADI


This study is intended to survey the educational needs of the social sciences high school and guidance school teachers in Isfahan. Hence, the educational needs of high school teachers for teaching skills, counselling, Audiovisual - aids, psychology, evaluation, planning and human relations were classified and studied. The population under study comprised of all social sciences teachers, male and female, teaching at high school and guidance schools in Isfahan. 155 teachers were elected by cluster sampling .

The research methodology was one of descriptive survey and the instrument comprising of 32 close questions on Likert scale. Next,the collected data was analysed using the descriptive and inferential methodology. The result of the study indicated that ranking high school teachers with reference to educational needs were not equal and that ranking the educational needs of teachers consisted as the following priority: and educational aids. 2. Educational psychology. 3.counselling and advisory services. 4.teaching skills. 5.evaluation skills. 6.instructional planning. 7.human relations.

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AHMADI, G. reza, & BASSIRI, B. (2020). The Educational Needs of the Social Sciences High School teachers. The Journal of Quality in Education, 10(15), 15.


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