Critical study of mechanical engineering skills frameworks

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This work is part of the improvement of the training of engineers who play an important role in the progress of companies. We were interested in the adequacy between training and job profiles. The skills frameworks are the interface that allows you to move from the world of training to the world of work, they focus on individuals, their cognitive skills and their individual skills through imitable statements. In this study, we will compare three benchmarks of international mechanical engineering skills from different bodies, namely Switzerland, France and England, according to criteria that have been deemed relevant. This comparison relates to the different macro-skills, their components as well as the training and evaluation situations which correspond to them.

The above analysis allowed us to choose a skills framework which will serve as a basis for making improvements to the mechanical engineering training programs of the National School of Electricity and Mechanics.

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AIT HADDOUCHANE, Z., FARAJ, K., BAKKALI, S., & AJANA, S. (2016). Critical study of mechanical engineering skills frameworks. The Journal of Quality in Education, 6(7), 12.


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