Quality, a component in the transmission of university information

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The quality of the information produced by a website to its users is an essential component for the success of the site. The juxtaposition of the two words "quality" and "web" therefore presents the main interest of the developers of the university website who are concerned with the highest level of professionalism vis à vis internal customers (administrative staff, professor) and external (students future, current students). Their objectives are part of a quality approach in order to meet the needs of their customers and improve the perceived image of the university. Who are the clients of a university website? And what are their real needs?

To do this, we used the QFD tool to identify customer needs. It is in this sense that a survey is conducted among users of the AIX MARSEILLE III university site, with the aim of better identifying customer needs, in order to propose a model of the university website.

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EL MENDILI, S., & POULIQUEN, I. (2014). Quality, a component in the transmission of university information. The Journal of Quality in Education, 4(5), 14. https://doi.org/10.37870/joqie.v4i5.49


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