Measuring the quality of an e-learning course Case OLAREX project

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Jeanne Schreurs
Gabriella Lovasz
Mateja Geder


The EU Commission's learning action plan stresses the importance of ICT in education and quality assurance is part of the Bologna Declaration.

General approaches to quality and to measuring quality are ISO, TQM and EFQM and Kirkpatrick for education. 2 popular quality measuring models are SEVAQ and SEEQUEL which are both based on EFQM and Kirkpatrick.

In the project OLAREX a set of e-learning courses are developed to fulfill the project objectives: to enhance and modernize STEM curricula, foster students' creativity and motivation and develop professional e-didactic and technology competences and skills.

The following quality assurance methods and tools are used: external and internal evaluation, comparative assessments, learners evaluation using questionnaires, informal discussions, observations and networking.

A  SEEQUEL  revised  model  is  developed  by  the  external  experts  for  the external evaluation. The model is described in the paper. Part of the evaluation report is presented. In this report strong and weak points are formulated and needed improvements of the e-learning  courses are advised.

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Schreurs, J., Lovasz, G., & Geder, M. (2014). Measuring the quality of an e-learning course: Case OLAREX project. The Journal of Quality in Education, 5(5BIS), 14.


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