Standards and Performance Indicators in Higher Education in Romania

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Roxana SARBU
Anca Gabriela ILIE


The issue of quality in higher education has been given attention in the academic and legislative environment starting with the Bologna Process.

Up to that moment, everyone considered it their duty as a professor to keep up a certain academic standard, which was in fact synonymous with a high quality of the message sent to the students in a manner assumed to be impeccable. It was normal then, as it is now, to present the latest developments in a given domain at the lecture, what you considered to be the most interesting aspects, and to assess whether you have reached your goal by the audience's reactions. It was normal to openly hold a lecture, to ask and be asked questions.

However, society has evolved and certainties are needed nowadays instead of assumptions, as far as quality is concerned.

The Bologna process has changed higher education not only in terms of structure, but also in terms of the place that quality assurance holds in the activity of a university. Together with the Bologna Process, the Lisbon Strategy has led to the development and consolidation of universities, with a view to instating a quality culture, to providing confidence in educational services, as well as transparency and a continuous enhancement of quality.

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SARBU, R., & ILIE, A. G. (2013). Standards and Performance Indicators in Higher Education in Romania. The Journal of Quality in Education, 4(4Bis), 9.


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