Quality in education and training Approaches and methods

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Abdennasser Naji


The school is an institution which offers a fair public service to all citizens. This service is mainly based on education in societal values ​​and the preparation of individuals for positive and effective integration into society.

Although several countries have succeeded in combating illiteracy, the problem of illiteracy remains a problem even in developed countries and continues to worsen over the years. In addition, there is a decline in scientific culture in a world where almost everything is based on science and technology. This shows that the school has not always succeeded in fulfilling even its most basic missions. We also note that the school form has not changed since the 19th century and remains locked in the same model, which begins to agonize without we manage to completely emerge a new model (Antoine Prost 1997) despite some beginnings. We can note in this sense the new type of school that Alain Bouvier calls “the school of the Market” that others call “the school of the shade” (Mark Bray 2009) which includes elements like support courses and e-learning.

The inability of the school to carry out its missions and the insufficiency of the classic model of the school, require to reflect on new solutions likely to avoid the disadvantages from which the educational systems suffer on the one hand and to reinforce their achievements on the other hand, in order to open up other perspectives guaranteeing the quality of learning for all pupils. Thus, have we experienced this last decade the adoption in several countries of approaches and methods in the field of Quality, exploiting their success in improving the quality of goods and services in the field of business , the cradle of quality management, then in public services, especially after the European agreement on the common quality reference system well known under the acronym of CAF. This is how the world of education and training has seen the fairly wide adoption of approaches and methods aimed at improving the quality of learning in education and training establishments.

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